Jewish GI's: Bernard "Buddy" Rosch

If there is a definition of hero then I nominate my cousin, Bernard "Buddy" Rosch. The first grandchild of Nathan Schwartz, of Saratoga Springs, New York, he served his country proudly in World War II.

Bud was a radio operator in B-24's of the 15th Air Force. I believe he was assigned to the 449th Bomb Group, 717th Squadron. He participated in several Ploesti missions and was forced to bail out three times during his military service. One of those times was in occupied Italy, and, as the story was told, a local Italian girl hid him in a haystack unil he could get back to the American lines.

Bud has never given up, and though he is nearing eighty he would jump into a B-52 right now and be over Afghanistan if given the chance to serve his country again. A loving husband, father, and grandfather, Bud Rosch to me has personified a spirit of patriotism and love of life that has enamored him to his entire family and those who call him friend. Still carrying some shrapnel in his legs, this grandson of a tailor from Russia remains a source of enduring pride to us, for he exudes nothing but positive energy.

Heroes are packaged differently: they are big and tall, short and fat, and some reach their peak during the height of battle, while others remain steady and perform their jobs efficiently in spite of the odds. Bud Rosch did his job and did it well like a million others who came home and restarted their lives without any fanfare. To these heroes we are eternally grateful. So I, the last grandchild of Nuecham from Kippel, am proud to say I know a hero and love him very much, my cousin Buddy.

Lou Schwartz
Princeton Junction, NJ
December 7, 2001

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